Your air travel : All set.

No more worrying about how, what, when or where. Tripset is your one-stop shop for personalised air travel information, taking the guesswork out of travelling and getting you back in the sky!

Tripset is an Airbus project answering today’s travelling questions.
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Comfort in clarity.

Tripset gathers all the latest information at your fingertips. Stay in the know with real-time travel updates tailored to your next trip

Your Travel

Tripset provides everything you need to know for traveling today.

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Destination entry conditions

Discover destination entry conditions based on your departure country.

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COVID specifics

Always be informed with updated COVID-19 travel information.

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Planning & booking

Use Tripset’s Discover option to book your next flight.

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Travel features illustration

Your Trip

Enter your flight, and we’ll stay with you from departure to arrival.

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Airport commute

Forgot travel stress with accurate, day-of commute times.

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Realtime trip details

Keep the information you need close and monitor changes to travel time, gate arrival, and deboarding procedures.

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Inside the airport

Navigate your place of travel with ease via Tripset’s built-in mapping system.

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Airport & airline response

Understand the many ways that airports and airlines are ensuring traveler safety.

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We take your privacy and security seriously.

Travel data
We use third-party aggregators so that your travel data is never stored.
Personal data
Tripset works without collecting personal data.

Crafted together.

The world may be and feel different, but aviation‘s commitment to your health, safety and comfort is stronger than ever. In collaboration with airport authorities, airlines and regulatory bodies, this app provides you timely, factual and concise information. Created so you can feel informed and comfortable travelling by plane.

To aircraft passengers around the world, we’re here for you. To our collaborators, thank you. And to those with ideas for future iterations of Tripset, talk to us. Together is the only way.

See you in the air!

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